Friday, 25 May 2018

The One and Only Ivan Prediction Poem

WALT:Make predictions to help us understand what we read.

This is my groups poster, poem and prediction about what we think will happen in the book, The one and only Ivan. This task was hard because we had to use the chapter headings from the book and make up a poem using them.  The poem had to tell what we think the book is going to be about. Once we have read the book we are going to do this activity again and see how our ideas have changed.


  1. Kia ora its morgan here. Wow that book sounds very cool I like how its about a gorilla and a elephant. Its sad how he is lonely.E noho ra (bye).

  2. Hi Hannah,
    How did your ideas change? Did you enjoy the book? Why is he lonely?
    Good work Hannah

  3. Bola Hannah,
    I like the way you presented your work
    whats your Faverite Part about the book?
    Keep up the great work :)

  4. Hello Hannah,
    I love the hard work you put into this Google Drawing.
    It reminds me of when I was in mamaku what good memory's!
    What is your favorite part of the book?
    Good Job!


Thank-you for your positive, thoughtful, helpful comment.